The Almighty Junk Drawer

You just lost your entire home in a devastating fire.  Your new task - wake up tomorrow and remember everything you own.  Most of the time it is near impossible to do without a list of some sort.  Don't want to write everything you own down in catalog format?  Try this:

Use a video camera, camera, cell phone, etc and ...

- Walk through every room in your home and document
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Furniture
  • DO NOT FORGET to open each drawer in each room and document its contents, just because things are in the junk drawer doesn't mean you don't deserve to get them back if they are lost
Then simply email it to yourself or find another way to keep the documents off-site. 

As always, email me with any more requests.  If you don't see it immediately I promise I will get to it.  Thanks again for all the response!

Matt Basile
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